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Bizarre -- through "My Contributions" I see the "Most Wanted" page that looks terrible -- I didn't edit that, I only accessed a page through it. "Most Wanted" still looks good through the "Special Pages" link.

Yeah, that's a bug. The "Most Wanted" page is automatically generated. The software calculates how many links exist to pages that don't exist. Maybe in editing some other page, you created a link that indirectly changed the "Most Wanted" page. This particular bug doesn't seem to do any major harm, but hopefully it can be fixed in a later version of the software. --Sheldon Rampton 12:58, 19 Oct 2004 (EDT)

Thanks for everyone's help so far! Especially BB for assistance on Viscount Massereene -- I pooped out with a headache on that one (had some weird trouble on the edit page and developed a late-night headache from it).

I must, however, pull for reverting the The Conservative Monday Club title back to Conservative Monday Club, thereby aligning the stylesheet with other articles (e.g. Freedom Association), the "The" is redundant in terms of user-friendliness as well as possible future indexing. A brief google will also show that this is the standard method of reference for this group.

I suppose an analogy for this aspect of anacronyms might be the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) which is not "TSPCA" or, to the extreme,"TSFTPOCTA". . .

Hi Zos, welcome to SourceWatch and thanks for getting those pages started. I have done a little by way of formatting changes. Generally bold, is reserved for the first mention of the name/title of the page, "italics" for publication titles and quotations just plain. (I know there are some pages that differ a little - such as using italics for indented block quotes - but generally the plainer the page looks the easier on the eye to read). In terms of referencing generally the style is to [ bracket the web address only at the point a quote or important point is cited ] and then include the full reference in the external links section. The general reference style is Author name, "[web address, title]", Publication, Volume/no data if it is a journal, Publisher if it is a book Date in month day,year format. (If the record is undated on the web I generally list that it is undated and then the month/year it was accessed to cover the prospect that the link gets changed)

If you have any queries or problems figuring out the tricks of D feel free to post q's to either the talk page (often others know some of the D tricks better than I) or if you'd prefer offline to be at -susbstituting the symbol for AT) - cheers --Bob Burton 18:56, 7 Aug 2004 (EDT)

-- Re changing the name of The Conservative Monday Club -- I agree -- though if there are two names in common usage for the same organisation two pages can exist, one with a redirect which takes searchers to the one comprehensive page -- cheers --Bob Burton 18:59, 7 Aug 2004 (EDT)

Thanks Bob! I'm taking the long way around to create a new page on the Northeast Intelligence Network (Talk radio > Coast to Coast AM > Steve Quayle > NEIN). Sorry about the briefness of the stubs, will flesh out the articles and tie up the ends as time allows.

September 11, 2001

Hi, Zos. Thanks for your thoughts about the "September 11, 2001" article. After looking at it, I agree with your recommendation that it be deleted. In addition to the problems you noted, it was also simply a cut-and-paste of an article written by someone named Phil Toler, and the SourceWatch is not a repository for other peoples' signed articles. So, it's history. Poof! --Sheldon Rampton 15:16, 29 Nov 2004 (EST)