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Vanessa Goodwin is the Liberal Party candidate for the Pembroke by-election which will be held on August 1, 2009. [1] (See Pembroke by-election 2009 for and overview of the by-election, the electorate and other candidates).

Pembroke by-election Campaign, July 2009

Google Games

At the start of the election campaign, Vanessa Goodwin "paid for advertising on Google so that if a user types in the name of any of the candidates in the Legislative Council by-election, the Vote 1 Goodwin 4 Pembroke' ad will appear in a prominent sponsored link box at the top or side of search results," wrote Damien Brown in The Mercury. Goodwin's campaign also bought "Pembroke", "Legislative Council" and "candidates". "It was just something different and unique I wanted to try and with the spending cap you have to be innovative and keep it low-cost," Goodwin said.[2]

Section 197 of the Electoral Act 2004 states that "between the issue of the writ for an election and the close of poll, it is an offence to print, publish or distribute any advertisement, “how to vote” card, handbill, pamphlet, poster or notice which contains the name, photograph or a likeness of a candidate or intending candidate at that election without the written consent of the candidate."[3] However, buying the Google search terms for another candidate so that the only paid link to display was that of Goodwin's, does not consist of publish another candidate's name. The Acting Commissioner of the Tasmanian Electoral Commission, Julian Type, told The Mercury that he didn't consider it to be a breach of the act. "It is not in the spirit of the legislation or the election." , said Greens candidate, Wendy Heatley.[2]

Promo material

While Goodwin's campaign team may be adept at monpolising the paid Google advertising space, her website is surprisingly thin, comprising only a single page. On it, Goodwin states that she "has a strong sense of social justice and is committeed to protecting the environment for future generations."[4]

Her website also states that "Vanessa stands for[4]:

  • "family support programs to ensure that children achieve their full potential;"
  • "ensuring public transport is accessible and affordable;"
  • "addressing Easter Shore traffic congestion problems and road safety concerns;"

"She believes that we need a Government that is fair, transparent and responsive to community needs and priorities."[4]

Goodwin's election material is authorised by Jonathan Hawkes, the Director of the Tasmanian branch of the Liberal Party of Australia.[4]

Contact Details

172 Clarence Street
Howrah, Tasmania 7012
Phone: 6248 7312
Mobile: 0409 211 502
Email: vanessa.goodwin AT
Campaign website:
Facebook site:

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