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{{#badges: CoalSwarm| Climate change}}Vectren Fuels is a coal mining subsidiary of Vectren. Vectren Fuels sells coal to Vectren Power Supply as well as to other power generators.[1] Reuters reports that "the Company’s two coal mines produced 4.1 million tons during the year ended December 31, 2007."[2]

Mining Operations

In its 2007 annual Report Vectren stated that Vectren Fuels "owns four southwest Indiana coal mines. Prosperity is an underground mine that produces approximately 3 million tons annually. Cypress Creek is a surface mine that produces approximately 1.3 million tons annually. Oaktown Mines 1 & 2 are underground mines currently under construction and will be phased into operation in 2009 and 2010." It also noted that the company would "begin preparing for the closing and final reclamation of Cypress Creek after depletion of reserves in 2009."[3]

It also stated that the new mines "will more than double our current production."[4]

According to Vectren's 2009 quarterly report, the company expects that "two new underground mines located near Vincennes, Indiana are nearing completion. For testing purposes and to build the initial coal pile, minor coal extraction began early in the third quarter of 2009. Vectren Fuels expects the initial mine to be in service during the fourth quarter of 2009 with the second mine opening in 2011."[5]

Power Stations

Coal from Vectren Fuels is used in[6]:

  • the F. B. Culley Generating Station at Newburgh, Ind., Warrick County;
  • the A. B. Brown Generating Station at Mt. Vernon, Ind., Posey County; (this comprises two 250 megawatt caol-fired power units and two 80 megawatt natural gas or oil-fired units;
  • the Warrick Unit 4 at Newburgh, Ind., Warrick County "whose operation and ownership is shared with Alcoa"; this is a 150 megawatt coal-fired power unit which was established in 1970;

Contact Details

One Vectren Square
Evansville, IN 47708

P.O. Box 209
Evansville, IN 47702-0209
Telephone: (812) 491-4000
Toll Free: (800) 227-1376

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