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Vivienne Verdon-Roe

"Verdon-Roe has been an activist since she came to the US from England in the 1980s. She's worked with the Hopi Indians and created a slide/tape show, "The Desecration of a Sacred Land", which the Hopi took to the U.N. During the 1980s, She made four films about the threat of nuclear war. Her first film, IN THE NUCLEAR SHADOW: WHAT CAN THE CHILDREN TELL US? (1983), was nominated for an Academy Award®. WOMEN - FOR AMERICA, FOR THE WORLD (1986) won over 20 film festival awards, including an Academy Award.

"In 1983, Verdon-Roe co-founded the Video Project, which has become a leading distributor of educational videos on the environment, science and social studies. Amongst other awards, she was presented an Honorary Ph.D. in the Humanities (Ball State) for her work advocating living in harmony with our environment and each other. She is co-founder of Seaflow, an educational nonprofit organization building an international movement dedicated to protecting whales, dolphins and all marine life from active sonars and other lethal ocean noise pollution." [1]

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