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The Weefy Party is a United States political party founded in 2008.


The Weefy Party is affiliated with the Republican Party, Independent Party, Working Families, and Socialist Workers.


The party is often mistaken as communist because of their affiliation with the Socialist Workers party. However, the Weefy Party focuses more on "spreading the wealth."

Government Positions

The party holds two positions in the U.S. Congress, one in the Senate and one in the House of Representatives. The governor of Guam, Trump Beagleton, is a Weefy Party candidate. He is the first elected write-in candidate for governor. One of the associate justices of the U.S. Supreme Court is a Weefy Party member and was originally going to run for the Vermont state Assembly.

Obama Administration

There are two Weefy Party members in the Obama administration, both female. One is Deputy Secretary of State to Hillary Rodham Clinton, and the other is U.S. chief ambassador to Iran and a United Nations representative.

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