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The Wildlife Conservation Network (WCN) "is dedicated to protecting endangered species and preserving their natural habitats. We partner with independent conservationists around the world who live and work with local communities and are exploring new ways to resolve the conflicts between people and wildlife." [1]


Accessed February 2012: [2]


Accessed February 2012: [3]

People (2007)

Accessed November 2007: [4]

  • Charles Knowles - WCN Executive Director
  • John Lukas - WCN Director
  • Akiko Yamazaki - WCN Director
  • Christine Hemrick - WCN Director
  • Isabella Rossellini - WCN Director Emeritus

Advisory Board Members

  • Peter Matthiessen - Noted author and naturalist and winner of the National Book Award for The Snow Leopard
  • Bill Miller - Businessman; Co-Director, Strategic Uses of Information Technology Executive Program & Professor Emeritus Stanford Graduate School of Business; Former Provost, Stanford University
  • Pat Miller - Cheetah Conservation Fund USA Board of Directors, Community leader
  • Linda Millard - President, Northern California Chapter, ARCS Foundation; Earthwatch Institute Board of Directors
  • Linda Munson - Associate Professor and Chief of Service, Pathology, University of California School of Veterinary Medicine
  • Ken & Gabrielle Adelman - Entrepreneur and Conservation Philanthropists

WCN Staff


Web: http://www.wildnet.org

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