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Willem Floor

"I have studied development economics, non-western sociology as well as Persian, Arabic and Islamology from 1963-67 at the University of Utrecht. In 1971 I received my doctoral degree from the University of Leyden in 1971. From 1983-2002 I have been employed by the World Bank as an energy specialist. At the moment I am an independent scholar. My most recent books include Agriculture in Qajar Iran (Washington DC: Mage, 2003), Traditional Crafts and Modern Industry in Qajar Iran (Costa Mesa: Mazda, 2003); Public Health in Qajar Iran (Washington DC: Mage, 2004) and my forthcoming books include The History of Theater in Iran (Washington DC:Mage, 2005), Wall Paintings and other figurative art in Qajar Iran (Costa Mesa: Mazda, 2005) and The Persian Gulf in the Safavid Period (Washington DC: Mage, 2005)." [1]

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