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William C. Doherty Jr.

"The extent to which AIFLD is under the aegis of the CIA is indicated by the fact that Serafino Romualdi, while at American Institute for Free Labor Development (AIFLD), was still an agent of the CIA's International Organizations (IO) Division. Through the IO Division, Romualdi and William Doherty -- former Inter-American Representative of the Post, Telegraph and Telephone Workers International (PTTI) and now AIFLD's Social Projects Director -- exercised day-to-day control of AIFLD for the CIA...

"The role of AIFLD's trainees in the coup was made clear by the CIA's William C. Doherty, AIFLD Director of Social Projects at the time. At an AFL-CIO Labor News Conference in July 1964, Doherty noted that the trainees "were very active in organizing workers.... As a matter of fact, some of them were so active that they became intimately involved in some of the clandestine operations of the revolution [Washington's code-word for the coup] before it took place on April 1. What happened in Brazil ... did not just happen -- it was planned -- and planned months in advance. Many of the trade union leaders -- some of whom were actually trained in our institute -- were involved in the revolution [see above], and in the overthrow of the Goulart regime."" [1]

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  • Peter Gribbin, "Brazil and CIA", CounterSpy, April- May 1979, pp. 4-23.