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William I. Robinson "is professor of sociology at the University of California, Santa Barbara. He is also affiliated with the Latin America and Iberian Studies Program, and with the Global and International Studies Program at UCSB. His main research interests lie in the filed of macro and comparative sociology; globalization; political economy; development; social change; political sociology; Latin America and the Third World." [1]

He critiques the 'democracy promoting' activities of the National Endowment for Democracy.

Books [2]

  • 2008 Latin America and Global Capitalism: A Critical Globalization Perspective (Baltimore: The John Hopkins University Press, 2008). (review in Monthly Review)
  • 2004 A Theory of Global Capitalism: Production, Class and State in a Transnational World. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press. Expected February 2004 release.
  • 2003 Transnational Conflicts: Central America, Social Change and Globalization. London: Verso.
  • 1996 Promoting Polyarchy: Globalization, U.S. Intervention, and Hegemony. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
  • 1992 A Faustian Bargain: U.S. Intervention in the Nicaraguan Elections and American Foreign Policy In the Post Cold War Era. Boulder: Westview Press.
  • 1987 David and Goliath: The U.S. War Against Nicaragua. New York: Monthly Review Press, with Kent Norsworthy (also published by Zed Press, London).


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