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Wirthlin Worldwide describes itself as a "strategic research and consulting firm". While perhaps best known publicly for its market research work, it also provides public relations services to clients such as for crisis management. [1]

On its website Wirthlin Worldwide states that it helps clients "in marketing and communications on how to build measurable value for their enterprises, while generating a fair return for our employees and shareholders." [2]

In its links section the Cook Political Report describes Wirthlin as "Republican consultants". [3]


The founder of the company was Dr. Richard B. Wirthlin. The company's website states he had a "close relationship as a counselor to Ronald Reagan and others over a long period of time is the model for the ongoing partnerships we strive to form with all of our clients".

Its website states that "the company's background in politics provided the seedbed for lessons learned about the value of timely information, the need to identify and focus resources on your most persuadable 'swing' targets, the elements of effective leadership, and the power of values-based communication. Those lessons have been applied with great success in our consulting for corporate and institutional clients around the world." [4]

"Our heritage has also taught us something about winning and losing. Victory usually comes only after a long, protracted battle in an ever-changing competitive environment. Having the means to continually monitor changes as they occur so you can anticipate your next move is what our brand of research-based consulting is all about. Our end goal is always the same as yours -- whether it's to win voter support, increase employee commitment, or strengthen your brand equity so you can boost sales -- building the long-term value of your enterprise," it states.

The front page of Wirthlin's website boasts the endorsement of Nick Nichols who authored Rules for Corporate Warriors. "Wirthlin Worldwide wrote the book on a research technique that aids message development and testing, by ensuring that the message resonates with the core values (not simply the opinions and attitudes) of the intended target audience. It works which is more than I can say for most of the alchemy peddled by so-called spin doctors," Nichols wrote. [5]

Nichols endorsement reflects a close working relationship between the two. In February 2000 Wirthlin co-authored a report with Nichols-Dezenhall, as it was then known, urging its clients to counter the precautionary principle. "Enlist surrogates who can effectively attack the Precautionary Principle and its misapplications. Language and positioning are all-important. Beware of saying that industry opposes the Precautionary Principle. Activists will seize on that to imply that big business does not care about people's health and safety," they warned. [6]

The acknowledgements stated that "since 1987, N-D has often teamed with Wirthlin Worldwide to help clients achieve their business objectives in the face of environmental controversies, food safety allegations, media attacks, activist orchestrated protests and adverse litigation."


Wirthlin Worldwide does not disclose a client list on its website but clients have included:


Contact information

Wirthlin Worldwide
1920 Association Drive, Suite 500
Reston, Virginia 20191
Phone (703) 480-1900
Fax (703) 480-1905
Web: http://www.wirthlin.com/index.phtml

Wirthlin Worldwide also has offices in Brussels, Chicago, Cincinnati, Dallas, Detroit, Grand Rapids, New York, Hong Kong, London, Manchester, Orem, Salt Lake City and Shanghai.

The company also has an Australian affiliate, Crosby/Textor which works for the conservative Liberal Party of Australia.

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