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Women for a Free Iraq was launched with support from the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies (FDD) and "a dozen Iraqi-American groups in January 2003 with a meeting at the White House with Vice President Dick Cheney." [1]

According to the Iraq Foundation, Women for a Free Iraq is "a group of women who came together in February 2003 to speak up about the suffering of Iraqis under Saddam's brutal rule, and rally support for the liberation of Iraq. Today [2003] they continue to advocate on behalf of a free, pluralistic Iraq that is based on equal rights, the rule of law and representative democracy. They are supported by various Iraqi-American organizations." [2]

"On April 21-22, 2003, 19 members of Women for a Free Iraq attended a meeting for "Winning the Peace: Women's Role in the Post-Conflict Iraq," that took place in Washington D.C. Basma Fakri and Raz Rasool asked these women to form WAFDI and commit to the empowerment and advancement of women in a free and democratic post-Saddam Iraq." [1]


Website: http://www.womenforiraq.org

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