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World Without War Council (WWWC) was founded by Robert Pickus in 1958.

"WWWC is an initiating and planning center for an American peace effort sounder in its analysis and strategy of work than militarist, isolationist or simplistically anti-military movements. It focuses on the multiple arenas in which nongovernmental organizations shape American long-term purposes in ways that directly impact world affairs." [1]


  • In conjunction with the James Madison Foundation, our sister civic education organization, the Council guides the Common Good/Immigrants and Citizenship project which aims to strengthen America's common civic culture which makes peaceful diversity possible.
  • Six national world affairs organizations work in partnership with WWWC to chart and initiate efforts to improve independent sector work in 20 key metropolitan areas as part of the American Competence in World Affairs Project.
  • WWWC and cooperating organizations will foster improved professional and public discussion of problems of global governance as they confront American nongovernmental organizations, policy study centers, educators and our Government in our Governance in World Politics Project.
  • Other ongoing programs include: Assessing the Public Effort for Peace in America; Speaking Truth to Power: New Currents in Pacifist Thought; Department of State/Independent Sector Relationships; Northern California Consultative Group; Americans & World Affairs Fellowship Training Program; Community Colleges and sound Global Education programs.


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