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Zack Exley
Zack Exley

Zack Exley currently employed as the Chief Community Officer at the Wikimedia Foundation, was a senior strategist with OMP, a Washington, DC, based communications and fundraising firm, and president of the New Organizing Institute. In 2004, he was Director of Online Communications and Organizing at John Kerry for President. In 2005, he led Internet operations for the British Labor party's re-election campaign.

Previously, Zack Exley was Organizing Director at Prior to working for MoveOn, he was the creator of Internet parody webites, including the site and a, a financial parody site that was closed following a successful lawsuit by the CNN cable news network. He also created online organizing websites around the 2000 election contoversy and 2002 mid-term elections. He worked as a union organizer for five years around the Midwest and South in the mid 90's.

In February 2005, the Independent of London reported that the British Labour party had hired Exley, stating:

Labour has hired an American spin doctor known as the "garbage man" for publishing pictures doctored to show George Bush taking cocaine. The party faces controversy over "dirty tricks" after it said Zack Exley, 35, is working full-time on its campaign.
He is notorious in Washington as an expert in the use of the internet to spread black propaganda. President Bush was moved to call him a "garbage man". Other stunts included fake photographs of Mr Bush smoking a joint and spoof articles by him.[1]


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