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Zakia Hakki "was born on 18th Nov 1939 in Baghdad, Iraq. She was from a Kurdish family and all her life faced discrimination. This led her to be determined to be a spokesperson for those marginalized and take her rightful place in society.

"She became the first woman judge in the history of both Iraq and the Middle East. She is known for being a champion of human rights for the Kurdish people and any race that faces persecution. When the Kurdish revolution began on 11st September 1971, Zakia was one of the leaders working in the underground movement. She was the only woman in a leadership position in the Kurdishstan Democratic Party.

"Zakia is in the forefront of the women’s movement and established the Kurdish women’s federation. She is the founder of the Iraqi high advisory committee for women and travels the world representing Iraqi women internationally.

"Today Zakia has once again taken the forefront in political life by being elected as a Member of the Iraqi Parliament and is a leading member of the Women's Alliance for Democratic Iraq.

"She is married with children and her professor husband was murdered in Iraq under the old regime." [1]

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