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Zephyr Teachout is the national director of the Sunlight Foundation. Teachout was Internet director for Howard Dean's campaign in the 2004 U.S. presidential primary.


According to her Sunlight Foundation profile, Teachout "is a pioneer in using technology to improve democracy. Prior to joining Sunlight, Zephyr was a lecturer at the University of Vermont, a fellow at the Berkman Center, and a technology consultant. She was Director of Online Organizing for Howard Dean's Campaign, spearheading the development of new web tools for local organizing, many of which are now routine in all political campaigns. In 2004 she was the co-founding Executive Director of the open source organizing experiment, Baobabs College Labs (a project of Music for America). As a lawyer, Teachout has represented indigent death row inmates in North Carolina for the Center for Death Penalty Litigation, and was the co-founding Executive Director of the Fair Trial Initiative, a fellowship program that trains young lawyers in death penalty trial work. Teachout has a BA from Yale, an MA in political science from Duke, and a JD from Duke Law School, summa cum laude, where she was the Editor in Chief of the Duke Law Journal. She telecommutes to DC from Burlington, VT."

On Congresspedia

"Zephyr Teachout, a lawyer in Burlington, Vt., who is involved with Congresspedia, said Wikipedia was reminiscent of old-fashioned civic groups like the Grange, whose members took individual responsibility for the organization's livelihood," Katie Hafner wrote June 17, 2006, in the New York Times.

"'It blows open what's possible,' said Ms. Teachout. 'What I hope is that these kinds of things lead to thousands of other experiments like this encyclopedia, which we never imagined could be produced in this way.'"

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