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Blue Hackle Ltd. is a British based private security company founded in 2004.


Blue Hackle offers risk management services to corporations, financial institutions, NGOs and government agencies They present themselves as, and are known for, providing low-key professional security.

They have been active in Iraq and Afghanistan since July of 2004 with roughly 450 in the field, half of which are Third Country Nationals.

Blue Hackle is a member of the British Association of Private Security Companies and a founding member of the Private Security Company Association of Iraq. [1]

Advisory Board

Sir Jeremy Hanley
Hans-Wilmar von Stockhausen
•General Sir Jeremy Mackenzie
Sir Kieran Prendergast
Brian Raper
Michael McIntyre (UK)


Blue Hackle Limited
Lincoln House
137-143 Hammersmith Road
London W14 0QL
phone: 44 (0) 208 237 7200
fax: 44 (0) 208 237 7220
email: info AT bluehackle DOT com