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Dietrich Hoffmann, Ph.D. was a biochemist with the American Health Foundation and has served as a Plaintiff's Expert in cases against the industry.


Dr. Deitrich Hoffman was the Associate Director for the American Health Foundation in Valhalla, New York (circa 1994), a research institute that studies tobacco and health issues.(5/13/94; Wall Street Journal 4/14/94). Dietrich Hoffman discussed cigarette ingredients, stated "Food is eaten, not burned." Dr. Hoffman noted that angelica root extract is a known animal carcinogen and should not be used in cigarettes.(WSJ 4/14/94) Hoffman says that any nicotine level above two percent of total weight in smokeless tobacco is high, and anything above three percent is "very high."5/5/94. Hoffman has followed the activities of both the tobacco industry and the government since 1958.(New York Times 5/13/94).

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