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Genetically Engineered Corn

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Genetically Engineered Corn (GE Corn) is corn that has had its DNA modified through the process of genetic engineering. Varieties of GE corn that contain more than one trait are referred to as "stacked." Most GE corn falls into one of two categories:

Other varieties include:

Brands and Manufacturers

Monsanto: Corn:[1]

Dow AgroSciences and Pioneer Hi-Bred:[2]

Pioneer Hi-Bred (DuPont):[3]

  • Optimum® AcreMax® RW Rootworm Protection (DAS 59122-7 and NK603)
  • Optimum® AcreMax® Insect Protection (YieldGard Corn Borer, TC1507, and NK603)
  • Optimum® AcreMax® Xtra Insect Protection (YieldGard Corn Borer, TC1507, DAS59122-7, and NK603)


Adoption Rates in the U.S.

Following the introduction of GE corn, its adoption by U.S. farmers grew. The USDA offers data on the percent of corn in the U.S. that is genetically engineered (either Bt or herbicide tolerant varieties between 2000 and 2012:[5]

  • 2000: 25%
  • 2001: 26%
  • 2002: 34%
  • 2003: 40%
  • 2004: 47%
  • 2005: 52%
  • 2006: 61%
  • 2007: 73%
  • 2008: 80%
  • 2009: 85%
  • 2010: 86%
  • 2011: 88%
  • 2012: 88%

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