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Sarah Longwell works in public relations for lobbyist Rick Berman, his Employment Policies Institute and the Center for Union Facts, both front groups for individuals and industries opposed to union activities. With Berman's company she has also worked as a spokesperson for the American Beverage Institute announcing the launch of its website. [1]

She has previously worked in public relations with the Intercollegiate Studies Institute and its Collegiate Network.

An article in the Washington Times in 2004 quotes Sarah Longwell speaking on behalf of the Collegiate Network: "The rise of a conservative media counterestablishment and today's dominance of conservatism in the broader American society is no accident. It came about because of the vision and dedication of those who labored over the past quarter century to win the hearts and minds of an entire generation." [2]


Center for Union Facts
PO Box 27455
Washington, DC 20038
phone: 202-463-7106
Sarah Longwell <longwell AT>


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