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AEA Technology was formed following the privatisation of the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority and now operates as nuclear, rail and environmental consultants.

AEA Techology was split off from the UKEAA in 1994 and privatised in September 1996. While initially the business was concentrated on contracting to the nuclear industry it has has been progressively shifting to concentrate on environmental consulting and interests in the rail industry. [1]

Processing Submissions

"I wondered why [nuclear power] was being pushed and pushed and pushed," said British parliamentarian Dai Davies, in response to news that "key consultants" working on the UK National Energy Review "have strong links to the nuclear industry." The Observer reports that AEA Technology handled public submissions for the review. AEA was formed by the Atomic Energy Authority, and while the firm "has sold most of its nuclear businesses," it still "has a nuclear waste unit, and senior executives and staff have links to the old authority and other parts of the nuclear industry." [2]

Some energy experts who made submissions "said they felt their evidence was underplayed and misrepresented." AEA did publish a summary table, "which showed that nuclear power was the only one [of 15 low-carbon technologies] to get more opposition than support." Prime Minister Blair nonetheless supports nuclear power, though "during the recent heatwave nuclear reactors in mainland Europe" and the U.S. "have had to be shut down," due to high water temperatures.

Contact Details

AEA Technology
Harwell Business Centre
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Telephone: +44 (0)870 190 1900
Fax: +44 (0)870 190 8261

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