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Adrián Boutereira, Latin America Program Director, Global Youth Connect.

"Adrián has worked for social, economic, and environmental justice and human rights in the United States and in Latin America for over 25 years. He has seventeen years of professional experience in organizing, networking, outreach, popular education, and program development at the service of various national and international organizations. Some of these organizations include the Center for Health Environment and Justice, School of the Americas Watch, Committee of Indigenous Solidarity, Environmental Research Foundation, Latin America Solidarity Coalition, No War on Cuba, Acción Ecológica, Network Opposed to Plan Puebla Panama, Student Environment Action Coalition, IWW, and the Sierra Blanca Legal Defense Fund.

"As well as holding the Latin America Program Director position at Global Youth Connect, Adrián also works at United for a Fair Economy (UFE) where he conducts outreach and network development for the Tax Fairness and Education initiatives and helps develop UFE's global economic justice analysis.

"Adrián's social justice work has been informed by his belief in egalitarian, participatory and inclusive social, political and economic models. “Para vivir una cultura diferente” (to live a different culture), he believes we must continue to work together to dismantle all paradigms of injustice and oppression present in our dominant economic and social systems and to build communities, social circles and organizations that reflect our ideals. He believes together we can educate, organize and mobilize to build a better world free of exploitation and suffering and on the principles of true solidarity, reciprocal respect, cooperation, accountability, love, compassion, radical trust, equal rights, justice and ecological sustainability.

"Adrián was born in Montevideo, Uruguay and has lived in the United States most of his life. He currently resides in Boston, MA where he also makes music and cooks." [1]

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