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Aims of Industry was founded in 1942 as an independent free enterprise corporate lobby group by business leaders in industry. It came into existence to combat nationalisation of key British industries such as sugar, iron and steel. It campaigned against the creation of the National Health Service in 1945. It was known as Aims for Freedom and Enterprise from 1975-78 and Aims from 1978-80.

Although not directly involved in party politics, Aims of Industry is closely linked to the Conservative Party and the Freedom Association.

It makes an annual "National Free Enterprise Award", recipients of which have included F.A. Hayek, Margaret Thatcher and John Blundell.


Its former Director and Consultant was Michael Ivens (Joint Founder and Vice-President, Freedom Association, 1975-2001). Aims of Industry claims 800 members, with six full-time members of staff.


Past funders are thought to have included Balfour Beatty [1] and Slough Estates [2]. British American Tobacco supported Aims from 1949 until 1991 [3], [4].



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