Albert Burgstahler

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Albert Burgstahler (1928-2013)

"He received his BS in Chemistry in 1949 from the University of Notre Dame, his MA, cum laude in 1950 from Harvard University, and his PhD, cum laude in 1953 from Harvard University. He studied at the University of London and University of Wisconsin. In 2006 he received the Scientific Integrity Award for Fluoride Action Network which is awarded annually to scientists upholding the highest standards of scientific integrity in the effort to end fluoridation worldwide...He was the editor and chief of the quarterly scientific journal Fluoride, published since 1968 by the International Society for Fluoride Research... Friends of Albert’s that are of notable mention; Bruce Spittle, lifelong friend and editor of the Fluoride Journal; Kok Thai, a former student of Albert’s and a great friend ever since; and everyone in the KU Chemistry Department..." [1]

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