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"A World War II veteran, Alden Bryant obtained degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Economics from the University of California at Berkeley. His activist career extends to the 1940s and has been global in nature, spanning numerous governmental, labor and scientific organizations. He has published extensively in the fields of engineering, economics and alternative energy. He co-founded the Earth Regeneration Society, 1983, was primary author of H.R. 4154 "Emergency Climate Stabilization and Earth Regeneration Act of 1992," U.S. Congress, and was main organizer for the entry on "climate, food and jobs." In the AFL-CIO National Convention Platform 1987.

"On the International front he co-sponsored a meeting at the United Nations headquarters that directly led to the 1992 U.N. Earth Summit at Rio de Janeiro, which resulted in the Rio Climate Treaty. A U.S. Congressman recently publicly referred to him as the "number one ecologist in the U.S."" [1]

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