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Alexander Goldfarb was born in Moscow in 1947 [1] [2] [3].

After graduating from the Moscow State University, where he specialised in Microbiology, in 1969 [4], he worked in Kurchatov Research Institute of Nuclear Energy, until 1974 [5] or 1975 [6], when he emigrated to Israel and studied at the Chaim Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot [7] [8]

He is Executive Director of the International Foundation for Civil Liberties [9]

He is most famous for his involvement in the publicity surrounding the poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko in London.[10] [11]

There has been some considerable controversy about Goldfarb's involvement in this affair.

"I have checked by Scopus all 67 scientific works by A.D.Goldfarb (since his first paper in 1972) and was not able to find in the abstracts any word about radiation. He worked in the Kurchatov Institute but it's a big organization and a lot of scientists working there who aren't experts in radiation. His PhD thesis, AFAIK, was not related to radiation damage. Due to this, his book cannot be a reliable source of information on nuclear physics and nuclear chemistry." [12]

"Indeed, no sooner had Litvinenko expired than his collaborator in anti-Putin politics, Alex Goldfarb, was in front of the television cameras reading Litvinenko's deathbed statement charging Putin with murder...Who else could have acquired the polonium-210? Who else would kill Litvinenko to make Putin a pariah? These are the questions Scotland Yard, which also seems skeptical that Putin had a hand in this bizarre business, has begun to ask. Surely, rogue or retired KGB agents, passed over by Putin and bitter at Litvinenko, would have a motive: to send a message, written in polonium-210, that this is what happens to those who betray us and Mother Russia." [13]

"Reader comment on: The Specter That Haunts the Death of Litvinenko in response to reader comment: Goldfarb and Litvinenko : Submitted by Illia, Mar 24, 2008 09:55 : Alex Goldfarb graduated from Moscow Kurchatov institute of Atomic Energy -radiobiology (1969-75) and from Weizman Institute in Israel (1975-80 ) in both places the fatal poisoning of polonium did happen. Litvinenko had visible signs of radiation syndrome from November 10th. How they been missed ? It is unexcusible" [14]

"Boris Berezovsky's lawyer is Alexander Goldfarb. Goldfarb helped Berezovsky secure asylum in the UK. Goldfarb is a Russian dissident who now holds American citizenship.Goldfarb was also a close friend of Litvinenko. Litvinenko's death bed accusation that Putin was being his killer was publicly read out by Goldfarb in a recent BBC broadast. Goldfarb claims that the document was dictated to him by Alexander Litvinenko. Now, tell me again who killed Alexander Litvinenko." [15]

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