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Entered parliament in 1987. He was the Opposition home affairs spokesman from 88-92. Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury in 1996-7 and Chief Secretary to the Treasury after Labour's election victory in 1997-8.

In 1998, he became Work and Pensions Secretary, a position he held until 2002. On Stephen Byers resignation, he became transport secretary which he held until becoming Trade and Industry Secretary in May 2006.

Acccording to a BBC profile, Darling was “regarded as one of Tony Blair's most trusted colleagues, despite keeping a foot firmly in the Gordon Brown camp”.[1]

Since June 2007, Darling has served as Chancellor of the Exchequer. For a full biography, see Alistair Darling's website.

"Morgan Stanley (NYSE: MS) today announced that Alistair Darling has been elected to the Company’s Board of Directors. His appointment is effective January 1, 2016." [1]


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