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"For" Allen & Company, Inc., a private company, according to Jennifer Powers, writing for Hoover's Online, "there's no business like show business. The investment bank serves variously as investor, underwriter, broker to some of the biggest names in entertainment, technology, and information. Viewed as something of a secret society, the firm has had a quiet hand in such hookups as Seagram (now part of Vivendi Universal) and Universal Studios, Hasbro Company and Galoob Toys, and Walt Disney Company and Capital Cities/ABC. In 2003, the company handled the (still pending) sale of the Los Angeles Dodgers to real estate developer Frank McCourt. The firm's famous annual retreat in Sun Valley, Idaho attracts more moguls than a double-black ski run (Rupert Murdoch, Bill Gates, and Oprah Winfrey have attended.)

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Allen & Company, Inc.
711 5th Avenue, 9th Floor
New York, NY 10022
212 832-8000
FAX 212 832-8023

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