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Aluizio Borem is a consultant to the FAO for the Global Partnership Initiative for Plant Breeding Capacity Building (GIPB).

"Aluizo Borem has degree in plant breeding from the University of Minnesota, USA. He was a soybean and common bean breeder at Federal University of Vicosa (UFV) in Brazil for 18 years. In 2002 upon a sabbatical leave at the University of Minnesota, working with soybean gene silencing, he directed his research goals to biotechnology and biosafety of GM crops. Aluizio also teaches plant breeding, biotechnology and biosafety courses at Federal University of Vicosa. He is author of several books including a plant breeding textbook published in Portuguese and in Spanish and “Understanding Biotechnology”, published in English, Portuguese, Mandarin and Korean and used a textbook in seven US colleges and universities. Aluizio served as President of the Brazilian Society of Plant Breeding and currently is a member of the Brazilian National Biosafety Board. In 2009 he worked at FAO as a consultant for GIPB, and developed several advocacy material on the importance of plant breeding."[1]

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