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Amir Abbas Fakhravar (Amir-Abbas Fakhr-Avar, sometimes also named Siyaavash or Siavash [1]) is "a writer, a journalist and a law student who has devoted his life to the fight for freedom and democracy in his native Iran. In the last 14 years he has been arrested numerous times, and has endured the most terrible forms of torture at the hand of the Islamic regime," he says on his website.

Fakhravar is also the Director of International Affairs for the Council for a Democratic Iran. [1]

On April 29, 2006, Fakhravar escaped from Iran to come to the United States. [2]

Iran Enterprise Institute

"The Iran Enterprise Institute is directed by a newly arrived Iranian dissident whose cause has recently been championed by AEI fellow and former Pentagon advisor Richard Perle," Laura Rozen wrote November 13, 2006, in The American Prospect. Fakhravar "served time in Iran's notorious Evin prison before arriving in Washington in May [2006], with Perle’s help. Fakhravar, who advocates U.S. intervention to promote secular democracy in Iran, now seeks Washington’s backing to lead an organization that would unite Iranian student dissidents," Rozen wrote.

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