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"I joined the faculty of Georgetown University in Fall 2008 as a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Program on Justice and Peace (PJP). In May 2008, I received my Ph.D. in Comparative and International Education and Philosophy from Columbia University. My previous studies include an MA in International Educational Development and Peace Education from Teachers College (May 2002) and post-graduate certificate in Peace Studies and Conflict Transformation from the European University Center for Peace Studies (May 2003) in Austria. My dissertation is an inquiry into peace knowledge as intellectual heritage and focuses on the development of peace studies in post-Yugoslav higher education. I have plans to pursue similar research in Turkey in 2010...

My academic commitment to peace studies began as an undergraduate at the University of Notre Dame, and is a continuing thread through my work for social change in various parts of the world, including with farmers in Tanzania, youth in Turkmenistan, and teachers in Israel. After graduating from university, I began her vocation within education as a school teacher at an independent school, the Cornelia Connelly Center for Education, which serves low-income girls of the Lower East Side of New York City. I am now on the Board of Trustees of that school and director of its summer camp programming in upstate New York. I also serve as Chair of the Peace Education Special Interest Group of the Comparative and International Education Society and am a board member of the Community Institutes for Peace Education Global Initiative through the Peace Education Center at Teachers College.

"I have diverse undergraduate and graduate teaching experience from the European University Center for Peace Studies (Austria), Manhattan College, the University of Nevada, Reno, and Drexel University. At Georgetown, I teach the introductory course on justice and peace as well as seminars in conflict transformation. During the 2009-2010 academic year, I am supervising the thesis writing course for justice and peace seniors, and am a Doyle faculty fellow." [1] CV

Recent Publications

  • Wisler, Andria. "Portraits of peace knowledge in post-Yugoslav higher education. ." Journal of Peace Education (2010): (forthcoming).
  • Wisler, Andria. "A peace research perspective on the Yugoslav conflicts." Peace Review 21.2 (2009): 320-327.
  • Wisler, Andria. "“Of, by, and for are not merely prepositions”: Teaching and learning conflict resolution for a democratic, global citizenry ." Intercultural Education 20.2 (2009): 127-133.

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