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Andy Burnham is MP for Leigh, a safe Labour seat in northern England [1]. In January 2008, he became the UK Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport. [1]

After the May 2005 general election, Burnham was appointed Parliamentary Under Secretary to junior minister Tony McNulty MP, with particular responsibility for [2]:

  • ID cards and passports
  • The Forensic Science Service
  • Refugee integration
  • E borders
  • Extradition and judicial cooperation
  • The Criminal Records Bureau

Burnham is married to Marie-France Van Heel, former head of marketing at MTV, BSkyB and Littlewoods Gaming.

Burnham and ID cards: "People don't have a right to anonymity"

Burnham has been a vocal supporter of biometric national ID cards since at least February 2003, when in a letter to The Guardian he stated that "the supposed dangers [of ID cards] are overplayed. The civil liberties lobby has been allowed to hold sway in this debate for too long. Even Guardian readers like me have changed their mind." [3]

And according to a contemporaneous posting by blogger Chris Lightfoot, Burnham stated on BBC Radio 4's Today programme on May 24, 2003 that "People don't have a right to anonymity. The State has a right to know who people are." [4]

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