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"Angelic Organics Learning Center is the educational nonprofit partner to the Angelic Organics farm. The Peterson family has farmed this land for three generations. Their rich heritage of family farming lives on today for more than 1,400 families who buy produce direct from the farm. This type of farming is called community supported agriculture (CSA). Angelic Organics, now one of the largest CSA farms in the country, is nationally recognized as a model for community supported agriculture...

The life of farmer John Peterson (Biodynamic) and the farm has been chronicled in the award-winning documentary film The Real Dirt on Farmer John. [1] "In the documentary, The Real Dirt on Farmer John, John Peterson says that he “began to see the farm as a living organism.” Upon further reflection Peterson, the founder of Rockford, Illinois-based biodynamic farm, Angelic Organics, says that he’s always seen the farm that way. He says that the works of Austrian scientist and philosopher Rudolf Steiner helped to crystallize his thoughts around this idea." [2]

The learning center is part of the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition .

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