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Biographical Information

"Annemarie is a health educator and an award-winning writer, consultant and lecturer. Founder of The Natural Gourmet Cookery School/Institute for Food and Health in New York, Annemarie is also the author of Food and Our Bones: The Natural Way To Prevent Osteoporosis, and Food and Healing. Her column Food and Your Health has appeared in New York Spirit magazine (formerly Free Spirit) since 1988. Her articles have been published in the US, England and Spain." [1]

She is the "founder of the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts in NYC," [2]

Ms. Colbin studied with George Ohsawa in the 60s. [1] During an interview about Marcobiotics Colbin notes:

"I started in 1964, when it was still an obscure lifestyle of a small groupin New York. I started going out with Rod Colbin, an actor, who was intothis because it fixed up some health problems he had and also cured a friend of his of cancer (she lived another 25 years, in good health)... In New York we hung out with Michel and Claude Abehsera's, Irma Paule (who had the first macrobiotic center),and Bill Dufty and Gloria Swanson, all who were deeply involved in eating for good health.
"Q What problems do you have with macrobiotics?

":...Eventually I stopped calling myself macrobiotic, and called what I did, and taught, "natural foods cooking." Part of my disillusion was finding myself, in the late 1970's, at odds with the politics of the East Coast macrobiotic community, which showed me that "one peaceful world" was a chimera." [2]


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