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Arena Communications is a direct mail firm that works exclusively to defeat Democrats. [1]. It is based in Salt-Lake city. The firm has only two known members: Peter Valcare, a former staffer for Utah Congressman Orrin Hatch,[2] and James Ohman. Valcare mostly works in client relations, while Ohman runs the firm's day to day operations. [3]. Despite their small size, Arena has handled millions of dollars in direct-mail contracts with some of the Republican Party's largest campaigns and outside spending groups.

Influencing the 2012 Election

Arena Communications handled the direct mail operations of some of the largest outside spending groups in the 2012 election. Arena was paid $9 million to design, print, and mail flyers for Restore Our Future, the SuperPAC affiliated with the failed presidential campaign of Mitt Romney. In the same time period, Arena handled $3.3 million in direct mail buys for Freedomworks, a tea party superPAC created by Dick Armey. Arena also handled $563,000 in ad buys for Grover Norquist's Antitax group Americans for Tax Reform and $442,000 for Crossroads GPS, a 501(c)(4) created by Karl Rove.[4]


Arena Communications, Inc. 1770 W. 1185 S. Salt Lake City, Utah, 84111 (801) 595-8339

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