Armor Holdings, Inc.

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Armor Holdings Inc.

List of Acquisitions

  • 1996: Defence Systems Limited. Conducts security planning and training, crisis management, high-valued cargo protection, security guard services, and mine clearing and ordinance disposal.
  • 1997: Supercraft, Ltd., England. Develops military apparel, high visibility garments, and bulletproof vests.
  • 1998: Asmara, Ltd. Conducts due-diligence, intelligence, skip-tracing and litigation support.
  • 1998: CDR International. Performs counterfeit product investigation, corporate risk management, and government training services.
  • 1999: Parvus Company, Washington D.C. Consulting firm specializing in specialized investigations, corporate intelligence, and security.
  • 1999: Alarm Systems Holding Company, Lyndhurst, NJ and Fire Alarm Service Corporation, Tampa, FL. Design and install electronic security systems, fire alarms, and video surveillance.
  • 2000: Break-Free, Inc., Jacksonville, FL. Develops specialty lubricants and cleaners for military weapon maintenance systems.
  • 2000: New Technologies, Inc. Performs computer forensic and evidence training, and develops software for data/network security.
  • 2000: Network Audit Systems, Inc., Syracuse, NY and Sydex, Inc. Consultants in computer data/network security technology, computer forensics and risk identification, SafeBack software technology, network assessment and scanning tools, and assessing corporate risk tolerance levels.
  • 2000: OVG International, Ltd. and Traquair, Ltd. Private investigative services with offices in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore, and Tokyo. These investigative outposts specialize in "strategic acquisition"? to assist Armor in gaining an economic operational foothold in Asia Pacific.
  • 2000: Lightning Powder. Develops evidence collection equipment and forensic supplies.
  • 2000: Monadnock Lifetime Products. Develops non-lethal police weapons and offers a certification coarse in defensive tactics and apprehension techniques.
  • 2001: Guardian Products, Casper, WY. Develops chemical agents for defensive purposes.
  • 2001: O'Gara-Hess & Eisenhardt Armoring Company, Fairfield, OH. Caters mainly to presidents, heads of state, military, and corporate leaders. Its biggest customer is the U.S. Military by providing it with the armor plated "HMMWV." For the private sector, this company produces custom armored cars, limos, and buses. This company possesses the world's largest commercial ballistics databases.
  • 2001: Identicator, Inc. Develops fingerprint ID and positive ID verification products.