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Asoka Bandarage "teaches in the Georgetown Public Policy Institute specializing in comparative politics, South Asia and Ccnflict analysis and resolution. Her courses at Georgetown include, Comparative Ethnic and Religious Conflict, Democracy in South Asia, Global Social Movements and Conflict Analysis and Gender in International Security.

"Professor Bandarage is the author of The Separatist Conflict in Sri Lanka: Terrorism, Ethnicity, Political Economy (Routledge 2008), Colonialism in Sri Lanka (Mouton1983), Women, Population and Global Crisis (Zed 1997) and numerous other publications on South Asia, global political-economy, ethnicity, gender, population, ecology and related topics. She has taught at Yale, Brandeis, Macalester and at Mount Holyoke College, MA where she received tenure.

"She serves on the boards of a number of publications and professional organizations including Critical Asian Studies and The National Advisory Council on South Asian Affairs. She has received numerous fellowships for her work, organized many forums and symposia and presented hundreds of lectures and media interviews around the world in her areas of expertise." [1]

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