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"Aspen Institute Prague is proud to announce its launch, with the opening ceremony taking place on the 19 July 2012. Aspen Prague is a non-ideological and non-partisan institution for airing new ideas and diverse points of view and provides a venue where all parts of society can join a neutral discussion on key topics of today. The activities of Aspen Institute Prague are divided into Leadership, Policy and Public programs...Aspen Prague intends to assist in broader participation of Central Europe in the global community and to provide a more informed background for shaping policies that affect lifes of us all. In cooperation with other Aspen global partners the Institute in Prague will promote and enhance the objectives and efforts shared by the entire Aspen family in yet another region of the world. See more in the News and Press section at the bottom of this page...

"The official ceremony to celebrate the launch of the Aspen Institute Prague will take place on Thursday, 19 July 2012 in Prague in the Senate of the Czech Republic in the presence of the former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, fifteen former ministers of foreign affairs from all over the world, politicians, businessmen and philanthropists." [1]


Accessed September 2012: [2]



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