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The Baghdad Bulletin is committed to covering the issues surrounding the redevelopment of Iraq after Saddam Hussein's rule. It is a non-partisan publication whose only tenet is that the presence of a free press offering a forum for all sides is an inalienable human right.

The rebuilding of Iraq will be one of the most expensive and concentrated investments the international community has made since the aftermath of the second-world war. In the coming climate of rapid capital injections, multinational contract winning, private investment and institution building, this newspaper aims to question and debate the efficiency, value and socio-economic implications of these events.

  • Weekly dedicated coverage of the reconstruction of Iraq's public and private infrastructure
  • Questioning and debating the process and progress of Iraq's redevelopment
  • An open forum where professionals working in Iraq or related to the issues of reconstruction can contribute their views
  • Reporting with integrity: Non-aligned, apolitical and non-religious

Launch date: June 9th 2003.

Format and circulation:

Baghdad Bulletin is set to begin as a bimonthly News Magazine printed in Baghdad and distributed throughout Iraq, specifically reporting on and providing a forum for guest writers to debate issues related to the redevelopment of the country. The Bulletin will become a regular and potentially daily paper devoted to covering everyday life as the country returns to normal. Planned Arabic supplements and an Arabic edition will be added as soon as the staff is large enough to make that possible.

From Baghdad Bulletin "Mission" Statement on web site.

Writing Staff

"The Baghdad Bulletin has a full-time reporting pool of seven Westerners and four Iraqis. Over half our journalists graduated from either Oxford or Cambridge, and between them have worked previously for the Associated Press, the New York Times, The Washington Post, Reuters and the Evening Standard."


0088-2166-322-4212 (Thuraya) or 001-914-360-9164 (US Mobile linked to Iraq).

Email: email


The "Links" page on the web site provides some very interesting information on the rebuilding of post-war Iraq. For example, the subheading "Bechtel and USAID" links to Abt Associates, Inc. (has contract for health system); Bechtel in Iraq; Creative Associates International, Inc. (has contract for schools); and Stevedoring Services of America (has contract for port of Umm Qasr).

The "Foreign Investment in Iraq" subheading contains links to ALI Capital Partners (ACP), World Bank Iraq library (non-active), Iraq Forum for Reconstruction and Development LLC (IFRAD), and the Iraqi Trade Corp..

The above material is quoted from the Baghdad Bulletin Website.

According to the web site's main page, publication of Issue 8 (15/9/03) has been postponed "Due to feduciary concerns ... In the interim, ...the website [will be kept] updated with some material and hope to begin reprinting within a month." Issues 1 through 7 are available in the archive.

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