Baralaba South coal project

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The Baralaba South coal project is an opencast coal mine proposed to be located approximately 8km south of the township of Baralaba and 115km west of Rockhampton, in the lower Bowen Basin region of Central Queensland, Australia.[1]

If approved the mine would be operated in conjunction with Baralaba Coal's Baralaba North Mine. The Baralaba South mine is predicted to have a 23–40 year project life.[2]


The undated image below shows the exact location of the proposed mine.

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Coal Mine Background

Baralaba Coal, was formerly known as Cockatoo Coal, had to bring in the administrators in 2015 after ANZ said it would end the company’s $81 million bank guarantee. As a result, the company’s Baralaba North mine was placed in care and maintenance, with around 75 workers losing their jobs.

Subsequently the application for Baralaba South has been progressed. The final Terms of Reference for the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) was issued to the proponent on 21 July 2017.[2]

Baralaba Coal again entered into voluntary administration in July 2017, the second time this has happened in as many years. This comes after the company failed to raise $77 million with a share entitlement offer.[3]

In 2019 the mine got off the ground again with an application for the mine progressing through the Queensland planning system.[2]

The proponent is required to submit an EIS to the department by 19 January 2020.[2]


Product coal will be hauled approximately 40km by public road to the company’s existing train load-out facility located 2km east of Moura. A diversion of the Baralaba – Theodore Road is proposed to the east of the minbe to enable the mining activity.[1]

Project Details

  • Sponsor: Wonbindi Coal[4]
  • Parent Company: Baralaba Coal Company[1]
  • Location: 8km south of the township of Baralaba and 115km west of Rockhampton, in the lower Bowen Basin region of Central Queensland, Australia
  • GPS Coordinates: -24.256025, 149.851007 (exact)
  • Status: Proposed[1]
  • Production Capacity: 6 Mtpa[5]
  • Total Resource: 166 million tonnes[6]
  • Mineable Reserves: 79 million tonnes[6]
  • Coal type: Pulverised injection coal and thermal coal[2]
  • Mine Size: 2,214 hectares[1]
  • Mine Type: Opencast[1]
  • Start Year: 2022[7]
  • Source of Financing:

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