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Barbara Pyle "is Vice President, Corporate Environmental Policy at Turner Broadcasting System - CNN Environment Editor, Executive Producer People Count and Chairman of the Board, Captain Planet Foundation.

"Barbara Pyle joined Turner Broadcasting in 1980 and pioneered environmental television programming. Her mission is to make critical global issues understandable and accessible to the widest audience. She has produced more than 35 films, winning over 75 awards. She also serves as CNN's Environment Editor and created Earth Matters, CNN's weekly environmental new program. In 1997, she was the first member of the media to receive the world's most prestigious environmental honor, the United Nations Environment Programme's Sasakawa Environment Prize. In 1998, Barbara was named one of the first United Nations Global 500 Laureates. Both awards were received "for outsanding achievements in protecting the global environment." [1] For further details

"Documentary maker and environmentalist. As former Vice President for Environment at CNN and Turner Broadcasting, she created Captain Planet and the People Count series on population issues. Her first People Count documentary covered the social-content soap opera produced by Cecile Alvarez in the Philippines and was broadcast worldwide during the Cairo International Conference on Population and Development in 1994." [2]

"In 1997, Barbara Pyle received the world's most prestigious environmental honor, the UNEP Sasakawa Environment Prize. She is the only member of the media to receive this award, usually reserved for scientists. Past recipients include Chico Mendes, Lester Brown and Paul and Anne Ehrlich. She used the award money to create The Barbara Pyle Foundation.

"Pyle has served as a Board member of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) North American Advisory Board and The United States Committee for United Nations Development Program (UNDP). She currently serves on the Boards of Counterpart International, The Center of Information and Communication of the Environment of North America (CICEANA) and the Together Foundation. She often participates in global think tanks on the environment. She specializes in the educational uses of television, climate change, women's and population issues, and poverty eradication." [3]

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