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Benevolent Organisation for Development, Health & Insight (BODHI)

"Realising the interdependence of all beings is in our enlightened self-interest. If we don't work together to reduce the world's much-discussed problems, then who will? We try to utilise skillful means in helping sentient beings, in the developed as well as the developing world.

"BODHI, founded in 1989, is based in both the United States and Australia." [1]


Accessed April 2008: [2]

Advisory Board

Accessed April 2008: [3]

  • Robert Aitken, Roshi - Hawaii, U.S.A., Elder statesman of the American Zen movement, Hawaii, USA
  • Shelley Anderson - The Netherlands, Pacifist, International Fellowship for Reconciliation; The Netherlands
  • Solomon Benatar - South Africa, Solomon R Benatar, MBChB, DSc (Med), is Professor of Medicine at the University of Cape Town (UCT) and Founding Director of the UCT Bioethics Centre (1992-)
  • Bob Brown - Tasmania, Australia, Eco-politician, winner of the UNEP 500 award, leader of Australian Green party
  • Mila de Gimeno - The Philippines, Catholic activist, co-founder of the Missionaries of the Assumption; The Philippines
  • John Guillebaud - London, U.K., Tireless campaigner for global family planning; Professor of Family Planning; London, UK
  • Maurice King - Leeds, U.K., Pioneer and sometimes controversial advocate for improved health care in developing countries; Leeds, UK
  • Dhammachari Lokamitra - Pune, India., Tireless worker among the Dalit community in India since the 1970s.
  • Christopher Queen - Boston, U.S.A., Dean of continuing education and Lecturer in Religion; Harvard University, USA
  • David Rapport - Guelph, Canada, Professor, School of Rural Health and Development, University of Guelph, Canada
  • Sulak Sivaraksa - Thailand, Thailand's leading environmental and human rights activist, Nobel Peace Prize nominee, recipient of 1995 Right Livelihood Award



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