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Beverley Yehuda is Director of Media Strategy for MultiVu, a public relations firm specializing in the production of video news releases, B-roll, satellite media tours, and audio news releases.

Prior to joining MultiVu in July 2004 Yehuda had worked as Director of Strategy at News Broadcast Network. [1]

The director of media relations at MultiVu, Bev Yehuda, told PR Week that there are benefits is disclosing to RV station producers who is sponsoring a satellite media tours. "Stations are all very much aware that SMTs are sponsored by somebody, and they appreciate knowing who it is and that way we're allowed to get our mentions in," she said. [2]

"Using someone that goes too product-heavy or tries to get too many mentions into a segment will turn off a station from the outset, and you'll get your interview cut short. ... Future bookings are always going to be compromised because of that, and the spokesperson will be blacklisted," she said. [3]

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