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Bhekinkosi Moyo "conducts research on pertinent issues in the field of philanthropy in Africa, with an eye to building and strengthening partnerships with other African foundations. Known for his expertise in philanthropy, civil society, and governance, he holds a doctorate in political science from the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa. He previously worked at the Africa Institute of South Africa and at the Institute for Democracy in South Africa. He has written and published more than 15 conference papers, journal articles, and book chapters and co-edited What About the Children: The Silent Voices in Maintenance (2004), which explores issues of poverty, abuse, and the social security system in South Africa in the 21st century. His latest collection of edited articles, Africa in Global Power Play: Debates, Challenges and Potential Reforms (Adonis & Abbey, London, 2007), addresses the current position of Africa in international political and economic relations. He is fluent in English and working on his French." [1]

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