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Bill Carroll, also known as William F. Carroll, is an executive with Occidental Chemical and is the past president of the American Chemical Society. He is also a former executive with the Vinyl Institute, and defended the chemical industry in the film "Blue Vinyl."

Carroll has also attacked the reporting of Paul D. Thacker who was a reporter working at the American Chemical Society. Thacker had reported on a number of front groups such as the Save Our Species Alliance and Project Protect. [1] Thacker has also exposed attempts by the Weinberg Group to undermine the science on tobacco, pharmaceuticals and Teflon. [2].

Carroll characterized Thacker's reporting as "anti-industry," "liberal," and "muckraking." In a letter, Thacker's editor attempted to defend the reporting. (pdf) Thacker later wrote in the SEJournal that executives at the American Chemical Society receive bonuses based on the profitability of the society's publishing division. These bonuses are approved by the Committee on Executive Compensation which was chaired by Bill Carrol. [3] (pdf)

Thacker quite his job with the American Chemical Society and was subsequently fired.

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