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Bill Crabtree is a key figure in the Western Australian no-tillage revolution. Bill has worked as a researcher for the Department of Agriculture, researching minimum tillage for wind erodible soils in his hometown of Jerramungup. [1]

Crabtree traveled to Canada in 1996 to observe how they use no-tillage and while there he also co-edited a book, Advancing the Art of Zero Tillage. He returned to Australia and worked for the WA No-Till Farmers Association and is now a consultant specializing in no-tillage technologies based in Cannington WA. His home state now boasts an 80% adoption of no-tillage and no-tillage has dramatically improved WA's production, especially in the recent droughts. [2]

Contact Details

Crabtree Agricultural Consulting, Ph: +61 (08) 9361 3333
Fax: +61 (08) 9361 3300
Bill Crabtree, Manager:0417 22 33 95 Email: bill.crabtree AT

Monique Crabtree, Manager, better half:0439 32 33 95
Email: monique.crabtree AT

John Cudmore, Business Manager:0428 663 206
Email: john.cudmore AT

Tom Carmody, Agronomist in training:0427 792055
Email: tom.carmody AT

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Mr Bill Crabtree is the managing director of an emerging biotech company, Green BluePrint Pty Ltd, with the rights over developing GM frost tolerant wheat using the gene from arctic grass discovered by the Victorian DPI. Mr Crabtree receives regular grants by GRDC to conduct pro-GM tours in Canada and USA.