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Bis(2-ethylhexyl) tetrabromophthalate (TBPH) is a chemical used in flame retardants including the commercial formulations Firemaster 550[1], Firemaster BZ-54,[2] and DP 45.[3]

TBPH has been found in polyurethane foam from common baby products[4] and couch cushions.[5]

Presence in the Environment

TBPH has been found in household dust in the United States,[6][7] New Zealand,[8] Germany,[9] Belgium, and the United Kingdom.[10] It has also been found in sewage sludge from American wastewater treatment plants[11]. A 2014 study noted a strong correlation between the levels of TBPH in household dust and on children's hands.[12]

A 2009 study reported that TBPH was found in blubber samples of dolphins and porpoises.[13] A 2012 study reported high levels of TBPH in mollusks found downstream of a textile manufacturing outfall.[14]

Other studies have found TBPH in the atmosphere. A 2012 study of the atmosphere in the Great Lakes region of the U.S. found that levels of the chemical were more concentrated in urban areas than in remote, rural areas and levels increased over the study period.[15][16] Another study detected it in the atmosphere in samples taken as they traveled from Southeast Asia toward Antarctica.[17] It was also found at "relatively high concentrations" in the Canadian High Arctic and on the Tibetan Plateau.[18] Scientists anticipate that its presence in such remote places might signify the chemical's "significant potential for long-range atmospheric transport." A 2011 study detected it in air and seawater samples taken during a polar expedition cruise from East China Sea to the Arctic.[19]

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