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"The publication of Bollingen Series was inaugurated in 1943 as a program of the Old Dominion Foundation, which Paul Mellon had founded in 1941. In 1945, Bollingen Foundation was formed as a separate entity, not only as the vehicle for the publication of Bollingen Series but also as a source of funds for fellowships, subventions, and institutional contributions in a variety of humanistic and scientific fields. Major grants were made particularly in the fields of poetry, archaeology, and psychology.

"The Bollingen enterprise, named for the small village in Switzerland where Carl Gustav Jung, the founder of Analytical Psychology, had a private rural retreat, was established jointly by Paul Mellon and his first wife, Mary Conover Mellon. Their initial motive was to assure a wider audience in the English-speaking world for Jung's scientific works. In Paul Mellon's words, "The idea of the Collected Works of Jung might be considered the central core, the binding factor, not only of the Foundations' general direction but also of the ultimate intellectual temper of Bollingen Series as a whole."

"The first editor of Bollingen Series was Mary Mellon. After her sudden death in 1946, John D. Barrett was editor until his retirement in 1969. During the years 1943-1960, the Series was published by Pantheon Books, Inc. of New York City. In 1961, when Pantheon Books became a division of Random House, Inc., the Foundation assumed publication, while Pantheon Books continued as distributor. In 1969 the Series was given to Princeton University Press to carry on and complete, and the Foundation became inactive.

"Bollingen Series includes original contributions, translations of works previously unavailable in English, and new editions of classics. It consists of 100 numbered publications, the whole constituting more than 250 separate volumes, some in two or more parts." [1]

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