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Boro Kitanoski

"I’m one of the founders of GAMA and later on (in 2001) of Peace Action. My involvement in antimilitarist groups came alongside my growth from a motivation driven by theory to concrete actions for peace, solidarity and social justice. Peace Action is an affiliate of WRI and one of the founders of the Regional Network for Conscientious ObjectionObjection for Peace (for the region of the Balkans). In Peace Action I’m supposed to be working as a programme coordinator, but in view of the regular lack of staff, I work lots of other ‘what-ever-needs-to-be-done’ things (from fundraising, implementation, administration, etc.).

"I’m a conscientious objector. I see my conscientious objection not only as objection to military system, but as a personal philosophy applied on daily basis, on lots of choices that we make every day in our life and taking a pro-active approach towards changing the system we’re put to live in. I’m also one of the founders of a small informal group called “Square Freedom” (“Plostad Sloboda”) which has existed since 2004 and deals mostly with translation, publication and distribution of radical literature (all done on DIY basis) as well as involvement in or/and organization of other public activities.

"I am (and was) also personally involved into the work of several antimilitarist groups or initiatives being active on the region of the Balkans in the past several years.

"I was born in 1976, and am father of a beautiful baby child Gorazd.

"My personal motives for involvement into the work of WRI is mostly based on what I think WRI is: a radical antimilitarist international. When speaking of my priorities within the WRI work, it would probably be connecting WRI work with other groups existing specially on the region of the Balkans (on which I have most knowledge and contacts). To me it seems important also to introduce the WRI work and WRI campaigns to the groups that have similar political understanding and approach and their involvement into the current issues treated by WRI. I would like to be active in the group working on War Profiteers. I think I can connect the work in the group working on War Profiteers with the work on starting the anti-NATO campaign in Macedonia and maybe connecting it with other campaigns in the region of the Balkans. It is also important to link the war profiteers interests in the globalised world – a response to it should be global too. It is also a matter of my interest as an important part of the global antiwar struggle specially in the view of current campaigning on the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, and probably in near struggle on the situation in Iran." [1]

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