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Brad Goodhart

"During the last 35 years, Brad Goodhart has planned and led over 100 safaris in Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganada and the congo for well-known eco-tourism companies, his own company, and private individuals. He has pioneered eco-tourism into new areas to observe African’s unique wildlife. He has coordinated fund-raising for schools and orphanages in Tanzania, Uganda and Ecuador. He has always felt a strong affinity for the land and people of east and central Africa. He is currently teaching high school science and planning African adventures for small groups of interested individuals." [1]

He is married to Paddy Moore-Goodhart.


From 1994: "Gorillas of Zaire and Uganda wildlife: Brad Goodhart, who has been leading natural history trips to Africa for 20 years, will guide a maximum of 11 individuals on treks among the gorillas of Zaire's Virunga National Park and Bukima wildlife sanctuary during a 20-day exploratory safari run by Wilderness Travel of Berkeley." [2]

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