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Bruce Jenkins became the Bank Information Center's "Policy Director in July 2001. Since joining the staff, Bruce has focused on the World Bank’s safeguard policy framework, the IDA-13 replenishment process, the Bank’s inconsistent approach to civil society policy consultations, and the issue of misaligned internal incentives at the Bank that contribute to poor policy compliance and inattention to sustainable development practices. Bruce joins BIC with a strong background in democratization and conflict issues in developing countries, having served as Executive Director of The Albert Einstein Institution from 1995-2000.

"Bruce has extensive international experience working with both policy makers and civil society groups, having developed and coordinated consultations and workshops for leaders and activists from Burma, Tibet, the Baltic States, and other areas on nonviolent democratization processes. In addition to conflict studies and international relations, Bruce has studied political economy, trade controls, and international financial institutions. He holds degrees from the University of New Hampshire and the Freie Universitaet Berlin." [1]

"Gene Sharp, President of the Albert Einstein Institution, and his research assistant, Bruce Jenkins, were in Beijing studying the pro-democracy movement firsthand when the government crackdown occurred. They conducted a series of interviews with student leaders and participants in the movement and observed daily events in Tiananmen Square leading up to the June 4 massacre." [2]

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  • "Biography", Bank Information Center, Accessed December 2006.

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